SayYo Games Co., Ltd (“SayYo”) provides Penny Arcade Slots (“Services”) to offer better and diversified goods and services in accordance with the law for the protection of the Users (“You”) of our Services. We may also refer SayYo as “we” or “us”. This Privacy Policy provides you a better understanding on how SayYo uses, manages, and shares your data to affiliated companies and service providers to provide better quality service. SayYo also ensures that our employees handle and control your data that are gathered either through our services, content, homepage or any other domains provided by SayYo with absolute confidentiality.


“Personal information” includes but not limited to the following:
  • Basic Information: Name, Sex, Date of Birth, ID Card Number, Passport Number, Telephone Number, Address, E-mail, Marital and Family Status, Legal Guardian's Name, and other relevant information. And if necessary, you may be required to provide original or certified true copy of such information.
  • SayYo does not collect your billing information, however some information such as name, billing address and item purchased may be provided from our payment processors in order to process and fulfil your order.

Other information can be retrieved from your provided social media or through your purchase of our virtual items, in-game messages and your contact with our support team.


You may be asked to provide your personal information in order to continue using our Services for the following reasons:

  • To verify your identity upon registration
  • To provide the highest quality demographic data for analysis that will enable SayYo to develop the most suitable and efficient way for you to use our Services
  • To provide direct support to your queries and problems that may arise regarding your use of our Services
  • To present our marketing activities that will directly provide you with the latest news through our social media channels

SayYo would not share your personal information with third party advertisers without your permission.

C.Collection of Information

By connecting devices and social network to our services, means you granted the permission for SayYo to use, access, collect and store information in accordance to this Privacy Policy and also information that you agreed the third parties (social network, mobile device, application store or platform) to provide.

If you join any of the contests or activities held by SayYo, you automatically granted the permission for SayYo to use the information you provided or generated during participation. The gathered information allows us to run the activities, use, analyze and store data for further usages such as ranking for statistical analysis. All information and data will be stored throughout the whole duration while the account is active and may also remain even after the account is closed due to business purposes or legal reasoning. However, we will not retain it longer than necessary, contact Sayyo via email if you wish to cancel your account or to request Sayyo to no longer use your information. Note that there may be cases where Sayyo is legally required to retain your information. There is no regional limitation, it will be used worldwide.

SayYo, together with our service providers such as Google Analytics obtain several tracking technologies that allow us to collect and keep record of some technical information such as user behaviors, cookies, IP addresses, device types, time of activity, game state, message history and other similar information. In some cases, we will associate those gathered information with your user ID either for our internal use or to provide direct customer support.

Our services and websites are intended for users with the minimum age of 18 for entertainment purposes only, we do not knowingly collect personal information from users under 18, if any under-aged user submitted their information, we will take reasonable steps to delete the data as soon as possible.


You agree and authorize SayYo to preserve and store all your Personal Information in our database in accordance to the Confidentiality and Privacy Policy. This information will not be disclosed to any third party except for the following persons or organization:
  • Those who receive formal training on customer services and an authorized employee of SayYo
  • Third party service providers who are bound by contract to comply with the privacy standards set forth in these Terms
  • Any trustee or assignee in behalf of SayYo in the event of business’ restructuring, reorganization, or the like
  • Persons or organization you transact with regards to the use of our Services such as the payment services, banks,and other financial institutions
  • SayYo will retain the right to disclose your information to a party if any of the following circumstances occur:
    1. If SayYo has sufficient reasons to believe that exposing such information for the case will identify you
    2. If you violate the Terms of our Services or your behavior interferes with other players resulting to damages where such behavior might take legal actions
    3. If SayYo has sufficient reasons to believe that you are involved in fraudulent and illegal acts
  • The websites or advertisements you find during the game may also collect your Personal Information, but this Terms and Privacy Policy may not apply to such advertisers as we cannot control such acts


  • Upon registration, you will be asked to provide your Personal Information. In the event that such information is insufficient to verify your identity, SayYo may suspend your account. If changes are made, SayYo may still need to confirm such information to restore your account.
  • Upon registration, you have the option to provide your personal information to receive newsletter, subscriptions, and other birthday offers.
  • In case of fraudulent or stolen accounts with insufficient or false information that cannot be verified, SayYo cannot process your request.


SayYo will occasionally send updates via email or newsletter without your request. If you do not wish to receive such notifications, you can email or contact our Customer Service Representatives so that you will be removed from the list. We keep your Personal Information to provide you with the latest promotions, updates, and changes regarding our Services.


“Cookies” are a small piece of information transferred to your computer or mobile phones for record-keeping purposes. Our Services use Cookies to collect data that would be useful for your future use as well as to improve our Services. Cookies archive can make your login process smoother and more efficient, and save data between sessions.

You have the option to turn off Cookies without affecting your visit to our website, but Cookies make our Services more convenient to use. Closing the Cookies archive features may result to complexity. Please note that some features of our Services might be affected if you clear the Cookies file function.


SayYo is concerned with the security of the data collected and therefore, measures have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access to or use of such information. SayYo system uses appropriate security protocols for authentication and authorization to protect the security of our electronic communications. However, SayYo is not responsible for any breach of security and unauthorized disclosure or use of such information.


If there are new features or business services, and any updates, SayYo will notify you first before any changes are made.


You can access, update, change, or delete your information at any time. If you request to remove your information from our system, please contact SayYo and we will attend to your request promptly.


If you have any questions and clarifications regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at pennyarcadeslots@sayyogames.com.
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