QHow can I level up, and what are the benefits?
The bet in each spin is converted into XP. You can level up once you get enough XP for each level.
With each level-up you can get free chips. Free tickets are also given if you reach a certain level.
QWhat are the benefits of linking the account with Facebook?
Once the account is linked, you immediately get 30,000 chips. Most importantly, it allows the account asset to be secured.
QHow do I invite friends and what are the benefits?
You get free tickets when a certain number of friends is reached. When you or your friends acquired an Achievement, both of you receive free chips through the sharing feature.
QHow to earn chips?
Collect free chips at the lower right corner of the lobby, on the fifth time, it directs you to a little game called “Lucky Coin”, where you have the chance to win more chips.
Playing games for the first time, Lucky Wheel and sharing Achievements are all ways of earning more chips. Chips are also available upon purchase and promo packages can be seen in banners.
QHow do I get VIP points and level up my VIP level?
Topping up gives you VIP points, then once the points reached the corresponding VIP level required, you are automatically levelled up.
QHow do I earn Tickets and what are the Tickets for?
During Lucky Time, you get a ticket when the prerequisites are achieved.
The tickets can be used in Lucky Wheel to earn more chips.
QHow to join Lucky Time and how to change from one type to another?
When you have enough , click on the Lucky Time to join and press to start.
1.Big Win:
Earn tickets for every Big Wins or higher. The table shows the "max win" of each bet group.
2.Win to Win:
During Lucky Time, points earned from spins will all be accumulated to the bar, once it reaches a milestone, you get a ticket.
The bigger you win, the more tickets you can get!
3.Bet to Win:
During Lucky Time, your bet is accumulated, the higher you bet, the more tickets you can get!
QHow to get JACKPOT?
If you get 4 or 5 Jackpot icons during the game, you receive the Jackpot Big Prize followed with an Achievement.
QHow to get and share Achievements?
You can get an Achievement if you get the specific combination specified in each game rules.
Every time you acquire an Achievement and share it with your friends, free chips are given to both of you.
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